Holiday Advent Calendars for Kids

Holiday Advent Calendars Gift Ideas for Kids

Just a few more weeks until Christmas and another fast-approaching days until the beginning of December. This year I find our family and work holiday gatherings are starting earlier in the year. Recently, my friend Annie was helping our work social committee with researching gift ideas for families and their kids for our upcoming Christmas brunch. Inspired by her research, here are holiday advent calendar … Continue reading Holiday Advent Calendars Gift Ideas for Kids

Holiday Beauty Advent Calendars Gift Ideas

With my multicultural family, we actually don’t have many traditions for celebrating the various holidays. Sometimes I wonder why we don’t include certain traditions like other families, but we like to keep the holidays as simple and stress-free as much as possible. Thankfully growing up on the West Coast, I have had the privilege to spend various holidays with different families and learn about their … Continue reading Holiday Beauty Advent Calendars Gift Ideas

Fall Pampering with Pumpkin Beauty Products

It’s been a cold and wet this autumn. As I flocked to our nearby mall, Metropolis at Metrotown, to do some window-shopping, I popped into several skincare and beauty boutiques. I went to Lush to recycle and exchange my five clean, black pots of packaging for a fresh  face mask.  As the cold weather settled in the Pacific Northwest, many others had picked up a … Continue reading Fall Pampering with Pumpkin Beauty Products

Holiday Mani ideas with CND

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Need ideas for nail art this holiday season? Leaning toward traditional Christmas Colours? Mistletoe, Serpentine, Kryptonite, Green Tea and Adorned Tinsel Treasure, Metallic Glitter Fade, Ruched Lace, Gilded Glimmer, and Gleaming Garland Santa, baby (PC: Onyx Aesthetics) I wonder if there is a way to make our manis not only look like candy, but smell like it. PC: Onyx… Continue reading Holiday Mani ideas with CND

L’Occitane Foundation and World Sight Day

World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. For 17 years, L’OCCITANE has worked with local NGOs to help fight avoidable blindness in 15 countries. Every year on World Sight Day, L’OCCITANE sells a special soap to help raise funds to support the fight against avoidable blindness … Continue reading L’Occitane Foundation and World Sight Day

Easy Tee Shirt Halloween Group Costume Ideas from @Etsy

What do you usually do for Halloween at the office? For most of us, we like to share candy and other treats throughout the days during the week of Halloween and have a fun potluck gathering. To get into the spirit, we may go into work in costume. To take it up a notch, to coordinate a way for our teams to dress up together. … Continue reading Easy Tee Shirt Halloween Group Costume Ideas from @Etsy

Ideas to for a Pumpkin-decorated Autumn around the House

This upcoming weekend it will be Thanksgiving long weekend for us Canadians on October 9th. There are similarities between why and how Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. For Canadians, we have Thanksgiving a month earlier as it signifies our season of harvest. As Canada is north on the map, we tend to see the start of the harvest season earlier than our neighbours to the … Continue reading Ideas to for a Pumpkin-decorated Autumn around the House

Black Cat Awareness Month

After the unexpected long hot and humid summer we had over here on the West Coast, I’m glad that it’s already October. With that comes with more holidays and even more excuses to celebrate. To start off with my search for special days, I learned that October isn’t only known for Halloween and Thanksgiving for Canadians, but for other times of action like Black Cat … Continue reading Black Cat Awareness Month

Holiday Beauty Ornaments at Sephora

It seems that every year, the promotions for Christmas sales seem to be showing up earlier and earlier in the calendar year. It’s currently September and the latest promotion for holiday sets arrived in my email inbox. Going through the holiday sets, I didn’t see anything that really catch my eye so far. However, remembering that my friend Joyce likes to pick-up special holiday edition … Continue reading Holiday Beauty Ornaments at Sephora

#ShareBeauty with Shiseido Canada

The first time I learned about this campaign was when I watched a series of Tonight Show Hashtag videos on Youtube. In between the videos, this video of #ShareBeauty played. Between the exchanges of kind words and deeply thoughtful compliments, I admit I teared up for most of them. Seeing that these videos were of special events that happened in Quebec and Ontario, I secretly … Continue reading #ShareBeauty with Shiseido Canada