Mission – Why did I start this?

I wanted to share gift ideas to answer these questions:

  • How do you gift-shop for someone who seems to have everything?
  • How do I give something unique, memorable and meaningful?
  • What are some gift ideas that also give back?

Vision – What am I striving for?

  • Be a resource to those who always need to find ways to find a unique gifts and experiences through sharing “Personalized and Customized” ideas
    • HR:  Ideas to show appreciation to employees and staff
    • Business Development: Ideas to show appreciation to clients, customers and other industry partners
  • Create an archive of interesting cause-marketing campaigns by showcasing ideas of “Gifts that Give Back” and featuring campaigns of companies promoting and supporting various causes through their marketing efforts

Behind the name, Pretty Smart

When one writes my name, Yumi, in traditional Chinese characters, “Yu” means “smart” and “Mi” means “pretty”.  The meaning behind my name ties in with values I hold deeply – to connect meaningful moments through aethetically-pleasing and practical ideas.

Happy Gifting!